ZBrushCoreMini Interface

CoreMini interface

In the list below, when an item has a Keyboard Shortcut it is given in brackets.


The Open Project (Ctrl+O) and Save As Project (Ctrl+S) buttons are for opening and saving ZBrushCoreMini projects, either as ZPR files or as iMage3D files (GIF or PNG).

The New Sphere and New Stone Block buttons are for loading a starting Sphere or Stone Block. Be sure to save anything you have been working on before pressing these buttons.

Sculpting brushes

The twelve Sculpting brush icons. To select a brush, click its icon.

Selecting one of the Chisel3D brushes will show the Mesh Selector at the top of the interface. This shows the different shapes available. Simply pick the shape you want, then click and drag the cursor on your model to add the shape!

Brush behavior

The Symmetry button (X) turn symmetrical sculpting on or off.

Adjust the Draw Size slider (S) to increase or decrease the sculpting brush size.

Adjust the Z Intensity slider (U) to change the amount the sculpting brush builds up or cuts into the mesh.

Color selector

Click and drag on the Color Selector to change and select a color. The model will automatically be updated.


Click a Material icon to select a material. The model will automatically be updated.

Preview AO

Click the Occlusion button to turn on ambient occlusion, adjusting the Intensity slider to vary the effect. Real-time ambient occlusion gives you the ability to quickly see which portions of your model might need that extra touch. Bring your creations to life in real-time with the Preview Ambient Occlusion feature.

Polygon count

The Active Polygons display gives the total polygon count of your model.

ZBrushCoreMini has a limit on the number of polygons. However, you can keep all the detail of your model and carry on working by using one of the three polygon reduction buttons. Choose from Low, Mid and High – whichever best suits your needs.

Depending on your system specification, polygon reduction may take a minute or two.

ZBrushCore and the full version of ZBrush allow for much higher polygon counts, enabling the creation of highly detailed sculptures.


Press the Export Image button to export a 2D image of your model in one of several popular formats.

For 3D printing, simply click the Export for 3D Printing button to export out an OBJ version of the mesh. After this is exported, you can open the file in your favorite slicer and print away.

Click the Turntable button to create and export a Turntable movie in *.mpg format.

Important links

Click these buttons to:

    • access the ZBrushCentral forum where you can share your work, view the work of others and exchange tips and tricks.
    • upgrade to the full versions of ZBrush or ZBrushCore.


Click the Language icon to select a different language for the ZBrushCoreMini interface.


CamView enables you to see which way your model is facing. You can quickly toggle the different views by clicking on the arrows or the blue circle. For example, click the blue circle to have the model face forwards; click again to have it face backwards.

3D View & Navigation

The Perspective button (P) turns perspective distortion on or off.

The way the model rotates can be changed. The default is Y-rotation, which means if you click+drag the cursor side-to-side the model will spin around its up-down axis.
Turn on XYZ-rotation to have the model tumble relative to the screen plane.

Turning on the Local option means that the model will rotate around the last point you have touched with the cursor.

The Floor button (Shift+P) will turn on the floor grid. You can set a different grid for each of the X, Y and Z axes by clicking the little letters within the button.

The Frame button (F) will center the model in the view.

The Navigation buttons are on the right side of the interface. Click+drag inside a button to move, zoom (scale) or rotate the model.

Expert Tip!

ZBrushCoreMini also has two alternate methods of navigation using hotkeys:

Right-Click Navigation

Move – Alt+Right-click & drag (can be over the model)
Scale – Ctrl+Right-click & drag (can be over the model)
Rotate – Right-click & drag (can be over the model)

Classic ZBrush Navigation

Free Rotate – Click & drag Background
Move – Alt+Click & drag Background
Constrain to 90-degree rotation – Click+drag while holding Shift
Scale – Alt+Click, Release Alt, drag Background
Rotate around Z-axis – Shift, Click, release Shift, drag

The Polyframe (Shift+F) button will show the polygons of the mesh, with polygroup colors if present.

Safe border

When zoomed in close to the model, the Safe Border provides a way to navigate without affecting its surface.