The Tool palette

The Tool palette holds all the 3D Models for a ZBrushCore project. They are known as “Tools” or “ZTools”. (In ZBrush there are different types of Tool, not just 3D Models.)


Copy Tool

The Copy Tool button will copy the selected model to memory, including all its subtools. Use the Paste Tool button to paste another version of the selected model into the Tool palette. A Tool can be copied between projects.


The Paste Tool button will paste any copied model into the Tool palette.


The Import button imports a 3D mesh from an OBJ file.


The Export Tool button exports a model in a variety of 3D formats, including OBJ.


Makes an exact copy of the selected model. If the model has subtools, only the selected subtool is cloned.

Make PolyMesh3D

The Make Polymesh3D button creates a new polymesh object which is geometrically identical (with the same dimensions and polygon-resolution) to the selected 3D primitive, in its current deformed state. This new object is added to the Tool palette.
Primitive objects rely on mathematical data to define their shapes, and can be reset by adjusting the Initialize sliders. Polymesh objects can be textured and manipulated in unique ways; notably, they can be defined with multiple mesh resolutions so that displacement and normal maps can be generated from them.
If a Polymesh3D is created from a ZSphere model, it will be the same as the Adaptive Skin for the model, with one mesh resolution defined.

Tool Item Info

This slider lists all ZTools currently loaded into the Tool palette.


Restore the palette configuration. When the number of items in the palette grows too large this button will restore the configuration. All but a few items will be hidden but they may be retrieved by pressing the large thumbnail and selecting from the pop-up palette.


The Tool palette has several sub-palettes. Explore them in the separate pages below: