NPR Modulators

Added Modulators for BRP Filters

BPR Filter Modulators

BPR Filter Modulators

Below the Filters slot you can find a series of operators which modulate the filters’ effect based on various properties coming from the 3D model, color information or rendered elements like shadows.

Changing their values will allow you to control whether the filter result is part of an element or discreet from it, such as having a filter affect only the render’s shadows. Of course, it is possible to combine multiple modulators through the Mask modulator, such as affecting only the shadows which fall on the model itself.

Mask Border

The Mask Border modulator adds a threshold to the current modulators, shifting them outside or inside the limit of the current mask. It is very similar to a shrink or grow of the current mask.

Mask Blur

If the Mask Border is set to a value other than 0 it will diffuse the edges of the current modulators. This is perfect for making a softer transition between masked and unasked areas of the render

Mask Softness

Mask Softness will make the transition area of the mask more or less soft.


The Texture selector is only enabled for some BPR filters. It lets you select an im­age to be used by those filters. It is not used as a mask modulator, but rather as a filter modulator.

Some filters will provide better results with alpha-type images (grayscale) or with regular RGB textures.

RGB Color Swatch

The color chosen with this selector will be used as a modulator for a filter. In this way, the filter can be applied only to that color in the render, based upon the Intensity, Hue and Saturation sliders located next to the swatch.

If you click and drag from the Color swatch, the cursor will become a Picker with which you can select any base (unshaded) color from your model, before any render or filter affects are applied.

If you hold the ALT key while using the color picker it will instead pick the final, shaded color that is seen on screen with any and all render effects applied.

RGB Intensity

The RGB Intensity slider modulates how strongly the color selected by the RGB Color swatch is used, giving more freedom to the modulation of the effect, if desired. At this slider’s maximum, the current filter will only be applied on the selected color.

The picked color can be modified or shifted by modifying the separate Intensity, Hue, Saturation and Variation sliders.

Gray Range

The Gray Range modulator, composed of two color swatches and a slider, allows you to define a gradient between these two colors. It can be used to trim some effects, such as applying the filter only between the two selected colors. The Gray Range slider will increase or decrease the threshold of these selected colors, changing how strictly the modulator adheres to them..