BPR Radial Overlay

BPR Filter >> Radial Overlay

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ZBrush artist: Joseph Drust

The Radial Overlay filter lets you focus your render on a specific part of the scene, creating an effect similar to that of a spotlight. The direction, radius and intensity of the effect can be adjusted.
As with all the BPR filters, Radial Overlay is a post-process effect and adjustments can be seen in real-time, making it easy for you to get just the result you want. Also, multiple filters can be combined to create a wide variety of effects.


Note: Radial Overlay is an effect applied to the BPR render rather than being an actual light. It therefore does not cast shadows.

Radial Overlay Settings

Radial Overlay Slider

The Radial Overlay slider sets the amount of blending between the Back Color and the Front Color. A setting of 100 will give just the Front Color and a setting of -100 will give just the Back Color.


The Opacity slider controls the amount of opacity used when applying the effect. A setting of 0 will mean that the Radial Overlay effect is completely transparent and does not show.

Radial Overlay Modifiers

Left Right Position

Changes the position from left to right.

Up Down Position

Changes the position up and down.

In Out Position

Changes the position forward and backward.


Adjusts the size to be smaller or larger.


Adjusts how quickly the effect fades as it reaches the outer edge. Higher values give a sharper edge and lower values a softer edge.

Apply To Floor

Applies the effect to the Floor.