QuickSave files location


It is possible to change the location where ZBrush will write the QuickSave files. If your system drive is getting full, you can set ZBrush to use a different drive instead. This is done by editing the ZBrushQuickSavePath.txt file. On Windows this file is located in the C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\ZBrushData2020 folder or C:\Users\Public\Documents\ZBrushData2020 folder. On Mac OSX it is located in the Users/Shared/ZBrushData2020 folder.


 Note: on Mac OSX you need to specify the full path in the correct form. For example, if you want to have your scratch disk on an external hard drive called “Datas” and inside a folder called “ZBrushScratch”, the path is not /Datas/ZBrushScratch/ but /Volumes/Datas/ZBrushScratch/. Also, any spaces should be preceeded with a backslash \.

You can find the correct path by using this simple method:

  1.  In Finder, go to Applications>Utilities and start the Terminal app. This will open the Terminal window.
  2. In Finder, navigate to the folder where you want your ZBrush Scratch Disk to be and drag the folder icon onto the Terminal window.
  3. The correct path to the folder will be displayed in the Terminal window. Copy the path exactly as it is to the  ZBrushQuickSavePath.txt file. (You can click+drag to highlight the path in the Terminal window and copy it to the pasteboard.)