Spirals in the Retopology

Because ZRemesher is an automatic algorithm, it can in some cases produce a topology without edge loops in places with tubular shapes such as legs, arms or fingers. Instead, in rare cases, it can create sprials. ZRemesher’s smart algorithms watch for and do their best to avoid this topology issue because it can be problematic when trying to break the model into clean PolyGroups.

If ZRemesher creates spiral topology in a place that you would like to avoid, then use the ZRemesher Guide brush to create a curve at that location. It should be a closed curve corresponding to a desired edge loop direction. Next, set Tool >> Geometry >> ZRemesher >> Curve Strength to 100, forcing ZRemesher place an edge loop at that location rather than a spiral.


It is important to remember that for some models it may be impossible to have topology that is completely free of spirals. This is because avoiding a spiral in one place may sometimes result in a spiral in another place that hadn’t had one previously.