High Polycounts

ZRemesher is designed to create new topology over nearly any existing model. It can be a model with many subdivision levels, a scanned model of all triangles or even one that is a mix of quads and triangles such as from a DynaMesh model. ZRemesher has a maximum polygons limit that you can input into its algorithm. Keep in mind that complex mathematic formulas are required, which means a large amount of memory. The more polygons in your model, the more memory will be needed for computing.

If your computer has enough memory, ZRemesher can work with models up to 8 million of vertices. This requires 4Gb for ZRemesher itself, plus additional memory for ZBrush, your operating system and any background applications. Attempting to work with more polygons could alter the stability of ZRemesher and ZBrush.

If your model input has a polygon count higher than this limit (or if your computer doesn’t have enough RAM), go to a lower subdivision level or decimate your model with the Decimation Master plug-in before using ZRemesher.

Keep in mind that your ultimate goal with ZRemesher will usually be to retopologize your model to a lower polygon count for exporting, creating a mesh for multiple subdivi­sion levels, or for cleaning up the model for better sculpting flow. We recommend that for the sake of speed you reduce your polygon count to a manageable level before using ZRemesher.

Please refer to the Tips and Tricks section for more information.