Stroke Interpolate

Stroke Interpolate

Create stroke patterns!

Stroke Interpolate example
A simple interpolation between two strokes

Example of using Interpolate with the ScribeChisel brush

With the Stroke Interpolation feature, you can morph a series of strokes between the last two strokes on a surface. Create striking patterns as one stroke transforms into the other over the specified number of iterations!

The Stroke Interpolation feature can now use ZIntensity, Brush Size, RGB Intensity, and Front and Back Colors to transition between strokes with a set number of steps. Create dazzling blends and intricate patterns of color and detail between two strokes on the surface of your mesh.

Using Stroke Interpolate

Stroke Interpolate palette
The Interpolate button and Strokes Count slider are in the Stroke palette

  1. Draw out the first stroke.
  2. Draw out the second stroke.
  3. Set the Strokes Count slider to the number of in-between strokes you want.
  4. Press the Interpolate button.


Press the button to create the in-between strokes.
Stroke Interpolate has two modes:

    • Closed Circle (shown above): will space the strokes evenly.
    • Open Circle: will space the strokes relative to their size. Smaller strokes will be spaced closer together than larger strokes. This mode is especially useful when using Insert Mesh brushes.

Strokes Count

Adjust the Strokes Count slider to the number of in-between strokes you want.