Tri Parts

Tri Parts Insert Brushes

The Insert-type brushes have been enhanced with a new ability to insert copies of one mesh between two “end cap” meshes. For example, you can with a single stroke create a chain where its links are duplicated between two locks or stoppers.

The TriParts feature is based on three PolyGroups. The top PolyGroup will be the start of the curve, the middle PolyGroup will be duplicated along the length of the curve, and the last PolyGroup will be at the end of the curve.

The Stroke >> Curves mode value sets ZBrush to use the TriParts feature. Once the Curve mode has been enabled for your Insert brush, the related options in the Brush >> Modifiers sub-palette will become available

To create a Tri Parts brush

  1. You first need a specific mesh, composed of three PolyGroups. As mentioned above, these groups define the end caps and duplicated portions of the curve stroke. Remember: The view of the mesh relative to the camera plane will determine how the origin of the mesh will be drawn onto your model.
  2. In the Brush palette, click the Create InsertMesh button. This creates a new Insert Mesh type of brush based on the current object. (Read the chapter 5 of this section for more information about creating Insert-type brushes)
  3. Enable Curve mode in the Stoke palette and change the Curves settings as desired.
  4. In the Brush >> Modifiers sub-palette, enable the Tri Parts mode. This instructs ZBrush to replicate the middle PolyGroup between the other two PolyGroups.
  5. Depending on your needs, adjust the other options: Soft Curve, Curve resolution and Twist to Turn.

Advice for creating Tri Parts brushes

  • Create your object along the Y axis, oriented on the X/Y working plane.
  • Try to create each part (the end caps and the duplicated portion) with the same height. Failing to do so may not result in clean duplication along the curve.
  • Use the Tool >> Deformations >> Unify command to create a mesh which will be one ZBrush unit in size, with a centered pivot point.
Tri Parts example

A model composed of three PolygGroups to create a Tri Parts insert brush. The light green PolyGroup will be replicated between the other two groups when drawn. Model by Geert “Etcher” Melis

The Draw Size value will define the size of the inserted items. As with the other curve brushes, enabling Bend allows the curve to be edited.

Note: When using the TriParts technique it’s crucial to make sure that the vertical height of all three PolyGroups are relatively the same.