Curves Helper

Curves Helper
Put a Bow on It

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On the left, the ZSphere chain; on the right, an IMM curve brush applied to the created curve.
ZBrush artist: Joseph Drust

Need to tie a knot around your character’s waist, create a flow of wires through a mech or apply laces to a shoe or boot? Curves Helper is your answer! It couldn’t be easier: Draw any shape with ZSpheres, adjust them to fit your needs. Then with a simple click, convert the ZSpheres into an editable curve that will now allow any surface to be applied along the curve.
The curve created is a live curve and can be manipulated. Continue your edits in Curve mode, including swapping out the geometry being applied along the curve.


Curves Helper functions

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The functions are in the Stroke >> Curves Helper sub-palette.

Copy ZSphere Chain

Copies the current ZSphere chain into memory. Press this when you are happy with the ZSphere chain and want to convert it to a curve.

Scale ZSpheres to DrawSize

Scales all ZSpheres to be the same diameter as the current Draw Size. This can be useful when moving ZSpheres in complex arrangements and for visualizing the final effect. ZSphere size is for visualization only and has no effect on the curves.

Create Curve

Creates a curve based on the ZSphere chain currently stored in memory from using the Copy ZSphere Chain feature.

Append New

With this option turned on, pressing the Create Curve button will automatically create a new SubTool before creating the curve.

Delete Curve

Will delete any curve or curves on the selected SubTool.