History Recall Brush

Project sculpted and painted details from one model to another by hand

The HistoryRecall brush gives you the ability to capture the depth position of a mod­el’s sculpted details by use of the Undo History timeline, and then project those details onto a completely different model by use of brush strokes.

HistoryRecall does not require the models to have the same topology or vertex count. It serves as a way to re-project sculpture details between models, as well as to sculpturally project details by hand rather than via the SubTool >> Project options.

The History Recall Brush in action

How HistoryRecall Works

HistoryRecall allows you to take one model’s position in 3D space and store it in the Undo History slider. Once the position is stored, you can take the HistoryRecall brush and apply that stored state to another mesh, projecting the details onto the other model.

If both models do not exist in the same 3D space, the projection will be flawed. This feature requires both model surfaces to exist close together in 3D space for a successful projection.

History Recall Brush in Action

1. In this example we started with a sculpted model face and the same model du­plicated, dynameshed, and all facial form details smoothed out.


The two models have different topology.
As they are both similar forms and exist in the same space, the HistoryRecall projection will be able to capture and apply details from the original model onto the new mode.


2. With the sculpted face model, select the HistoryRecall brush

The HistoryRecall brush icon

3. In the Undo History timeline >> ctrl + click on the most recent orange hash mark for the model


4. Select the new model and begin to sculpt on the surface.