Curve brushes



Uses the new Stroke > Curves functions combined with a standard sculpting brush. This makes it possible to sweep your sculpt along a precise curve.

Curve Mesh

Creates a curve with a cylinder inserted along the curve’s length, snapped to the canvas’ working plane. When using this brush your model cannot have subdivision levels, meaning that you will use it to its greatest potential when working with a DynaMesh.

Curve Mesh Insert

Similar to Curve Mesh, except that the curve snaps to the surface of the model rather than the canvas plane. Your model cannot have subdivision levels when using this brush. Within the Brush >> Modifiers sub-palette the Brush Modifier slider will control how many faces the mesh has when drawn onto a model. For example, the default value of 20 creates a smooth cylinder but if you change Brush Modifier to 4 then the mesh will have a square cross section when drawn.

Curve Surface

Similar to Curve Mesh except that it inserts a cube along the curve, creating a type of extrusion. As with the other mesh insertion brushes, your model cannot have subdivision levels when using this brush.

Move Curve

Combines the effects of the Curve and Move brushes for a constant displacement of geometry along the curve path.

For Scribe brushes see this page.