Sculpt & Paint in Morph UV

Sculpt & PolyPaint Morph UV

Sculpting & PolyPainting on Morphed UVs

Morph UV is a feature that morphs a 3D mesh into its flattened (2D) UV shell. While morphed you have the option to sculpt and paint with ZAdd, ZSub, and MRGB informa­tion. Once finished, turning Morph UV off will morph the model back into its 3D state with all details applied.

Morphing a 3D mesh into a 2D object offers many benefits in situations that are difficult or impossible in the 3D state. For example, you have the ability to apply longer brush strokes across tight corners or overlapping geometry.


How Sculpting & Painting to Morph UV Works

Once a 3D mesh has UVs, clicking the Morph UV button will flatten the mesh down to a 2D state based on the mapping. In this state the flattened surface can be sculpted or painted just like you would the 3D mesh. The mode supports ZAdd, ZSub, and MRGB information. You can use sculpting brushes, Surface Noise, SpotLight, and more.

Nearly all brush types will function on a mesh in Morph UV state. However, if a mesh has subdivisions when Morph UV is turned on any brush type that cannot function on a subdivided surface is excluded from use.

In the Morph UV flatten state, the topology of the surface must remain consistent with the 3D mesh. This means that all ZBrush functionality that affects the vertex order or mesh topology cannot be used.

Smoothing Brushes do not work in the Morph UV flattened state.

This example shows a 3D jacket on the left, with a single UV shell. Once Morph UV was activated to flatten the mesh as shown on the right, a Stitch brush was used across the underarm of the jacket. Since that region has overlapping geometry, it would have been difficult to make the same stroke in the model’s 3D state.

When Morph UV is turned off to revert the model to its 3D state, the brush stroke is applied. As you can see, one continuous stroke was therefore able to travel from the waist to the cuff, suc­cessfully allowing the stroke to travel through the overlapping geometry

Morph UV Functions

Morph UV

Flattens the 3D mesh into its 2D UV shell state. If the mesh doesn’t have UVs, this option is disabled.

Bump Slider

Controls the visual bump of the sculpted surface of the 3D mesh, as displayed on the 2D flattened UV shells when clicking Morph UV.


Increasing this slider value increases the time taken to Morph UV from a 3D mesh into the flattened 2D shell.