Image Plane

The Image Plane plugin provides a set of eight Reference Views that can be set up so that model positions match background images. The model can be made transparent to make modeling against the images easier.

The Image Plane plugin is in the Texture palette. You can read more about the plugin on the Image Plane page.


Setting Up Reference Views

If a model is in Edit/Transform mode then the image will be placed behind the model for use as a reference image. To set up reference images for your project:

  1. Place a model in Edit mode – any model will do, as it can be swapped at any time.
  2. Press the Front button in the Image Plane>Reference Views menu.
  3. Press the Load Image button and select the image you wish to use for the front reference.
  4. Scale and position your model if you wish.
  5. Press the Store View button to store the image and model position.
  6. Repeat for those other views you wish to use.


Reference Views controls

Pressing the Front, Back, Right etc. buttons will switch to that view. If the view is already selected then pressing the button will reposition the model and reset the background image.

The Model Opacity slider will adjust the opacity of the model against the reference image. Some materials are better than others to work with – for example, the FlatSketch01 is good for showing some of the wireframe as you work.

The Store View button will store model scale, position and background image (if there is one) for the selected view. Shift+clicking the button will adjust all views to reflect changes in scale.

The << and >> buttons will cycle forwards or backwards through the different views.


Saving a Reference Views project

To save a Reference Views project simply save the ZBrush project (ZPR file) by pressing the File>Save As button. Load the project back in using the File>Open button.