Ensure that Transform > Scale is active.

  • Set up the action line.
  • To scale the model uniformly:
    • Drag the center of an endpoint.
    • Drag away from the other endpoint to scale the model up.
    • Drag towards the other endpoint to scale the model down.
    • The non-dragged endpoint serves as the origin of the scale (the model point under that end will not move as the model is scaled.)
  • To scale the model in the plane perpendicular to the action line:
    • Click and drag from the inside of the midpoint of the action towards an endpoint.
    • Dragging towards one endpoint will thicken the model (as shown).
    • Dragging towards the other endpoint will thin the model (not shown).

In addition, holding down the Alt key when scaling can be used to achieve special types of scaling:

  • When dragging from an endpoint, the model will be scaled along the axis of the action line, but those parts of the model nearer the dragged endpoint will be affected much more strongly. For example, by Alt-dragging the feet endpoint of an action line that goes from a model’s head to its feet, you could lengthen the legs while leaving the rest of the model largely unchanged.
  • When Alt-dragging from the midpoint, the model will be scaled along all three axes, but the effect will be much greater between the midpoint and the most recently used endpoint. For example, click on the head endpoint, then Alt-drag from the midpoint to scale the torso and head and produce a more “hulking” model.