Action lines use a generalized move operation, where the vertices of a model are moved relative to a coordinate origin defined by one end of the action line. This allows for scaling and shearing.

  • Ensure that Transform:Move is active before doing anything.
  • To move the entire object, click and drag from inside the midpoint of the action line.
Note: Shift-drag constrains the move to be along the action line.
  • To scale or shear the object, click and drag from inside an endpoint of the action line. The other end will take the role of the origin of the coordinate system. The point underneath the click will be moved to follow the mouse, in the plane of the screen. All other points in the model will be moved proportionally within the coordinate system defined by the action line, which produces a scaling or shearing effect.


Quick tip: hold Alt and click+drag the model to move without drawing an action line.