The Contact feature lets you define contact points between two SubTools, so that if you pose one SubTool the second SubTool will follow along. This deformation is meant for static SubTools like the googles on the Demosoldier, a watch on a character’s arm, or a baseball cap on the head of a character. For non-static SubTools such as conforming clothing you should use Transpose Master instead.

The Contact controls are in the Tool>Contact sub-palette.

Tool > Contact sub-palette

Tool > Contact sub-palette

For best results, store three contact points between the SubTools. To do this:

  1. Select Move mode so that the Transpose Action Line becomes available
  2. Click and drag a line from the selected SubTool to the main SubTool
  3. Click C1 in the Contact menu to store this first Contact
  4. Draw a new line for the next Contact point and click C2 to store
  5. Draw a third line and click C3 to store
The Contact points defined at three different positions.

The Contact points defined at three different positions.

Try to place the three lines so that they are spaced equally around where the two SubTools meet. Think of the lines as forming the corners of an equilateral triangle.

  • You can redraw a Contact if you want; simply store the point again.
  • All Contacts can be removed by pressing Delete.

When you have set up the three points you can pose the main SubTool. To apply the change:

  • Select the SubTool and click Apply – the SubTool will move to the new position relative to the posed main SubTool.
  • The Strength slider affects how much the SubTool conforms. Normally leave this slider at 100%

Subtools will only Contact with child Subtools. Any selected Subtool will only allow Contact points with the Subtools above it in the list.

 Contact and the TimeLine

When using Contact with the TimeLine and its dedicated Track, the conforming of the “contacted” SubTool will be animated and adjusted corresponding to the animation of the main SubTool. You don’t need to apply contacts for each key frame. Just set the Contacts on your first key frame and the animation will take them into consideration for subsequent keyframes.