Mirror By Posable Symmetry

Flip & Mirror By Posable Symmetry

Mirror Color on a Posed Model!

Mirror By Posable Symmetry example

The new Flip & Mirror by Posable Symmetry features work with Posable Symmetry to allow you to transfer areas of polypaint from one side of a topologically symmetrical mesh to the other in the same relative position. Even if the mesh itself is no longer posed symmetrically, you can mirror the polypaint from one hand, one side of the face, or one big toe to the other. Masking can be used to determine which areas of paint are copied, and to which side.

Using Flip & Mirror By Posable Symmetry

Flip & Mirror By Posable Symmetry
The Flip & Mirror By Posable Symmetry buttons are in the Tool>>Polypaint sub-palette.

These options are best used with masking, so that just the area you want is affected.


Note: if you don’t mask your model when using the Mirror By Posable Symmetry the polypaint will be averaged from both sides and the result appear faded.
If you use Flip By Posable Symmetry without masking all polypaint will be moved to the other side.

A typical working method would be:

  1. Polypaint color to one side of your model.
  2. Go to the undo point just before you started painting in the undo history slider and Ctrl+click the marker to store the point.
  3. Click Tool>>Masking>Mask Changed Points. User the open circle option which will fully mask the area.
  4. Press Tool>>Masking>>Flip By Posable Symmetry to flip the mask to the other side.
  5. Press Tool>>Masking>>Inverse to invert the mask. At this point the only area unmasked will be where you want the polypaint to be copied to. The polypaint you have painted will be masked and so protected.
  6. Press Tool>>Polypaint>>Mirror By Posable Symmetry. The polypaint is copied over.
  7. Remove the undo marker by Ctrl+clicking it.