Multiple NanoMeshes

Working with Multiple NanoMeshes

To produce even more variation in your creations, you can combine multiple Nanos on the same placement polygons.

Multiple NanoMeshes

Each time you add a Nano to a placement polygon that doesn’t already have one, you are simply linking the new NanoMesh to this area. Repeating this operation will cre­ate even more NanoMesh indexes across your model.

Each NanoMesh index that is created is totally independent from those that have come before except that it may share the same placement polygons. If you want to edit the settings for a previous NanoMesh index, simply use the Tool >> NanoMesh >> Index slider or the “<<” and “>>” functions.

An alternative is to click on the NanoMesh thumbnail in the NanoMesh sub-palette to display a pop-up of your current NanoMesh indexes and choose the one you wish. Once selected, you can then edit its settings.

Polygons with Multiple NanoMeshes

Creating a NanoMesh on a placement polygon that already has one or more Nanos applied to it will typically replace the Nano. (See the example, above.) If you want to apply multiple Nanos to the same placement polygon(s), you need to follow this process:

  1. Create a first NanoMesh and modify its settings as needed.
  2. Select a different Nano and start to draw it.
  3. Without ending the click, press and hold the Shift key. You will see the previous Nano reappear, with the new one added as well.
  4. Release your click to finalize the insertion.
  5. This new NanoMesh will have a unique index and can be now edited in the Tool >> NanoMesh settings.