Polygrouping Additions

Polygrouping options added in ZBrush 2021.7

Adjust your Polygroups!

New options in the Tool>>Polygroups sub-palette


The ReGroupVisible option assigns new Polygroup IDs to the existing Polygroups in your visible mesh. This can be especially useful when you want to work on a section of mesh but need to keep those parts separate – for example, when you have created a DynaMesh shell with an inside and outside.

Groups Changed Points

Groups Changed Points will allow the last sculpted or polypainted stroke to be converted to a Polygroup. This can also be used with Undo History to apply a Polygroup to all strokes made after the marked undo point. To mark an undo point, move the undo slider at the top of the interface to the required position and then Ctrl+click on the marker.

The button has two modes:

    • Closed circle (shown above): a new Polygroup each time.
    • Open circle: the previous Polygroup will be added to.