Classic Camera


The Classic Camera is the original ZBrush camera, the only camera available before ZBrush 2019. When working with 3D models, ZBrush has three classic camera modes – one orthographic and two perspective.

Orthographic mode

If the Draw > Perspective switch is turned off then ZBrush is in Orthographic mode. This means that there is no distortion of the model and parts that are near to the viewer are the same size as parts that are further away. This is a good mode to use if you are modeling using reference images.

Perspective modes

Auto Adjust Distance

When Auto Adjust Distance is turned on,  perspective is adjusted in order to avoid clipping of the model and keep it in view. This can exaggerate the perspective distortion as the model is scaled larger.


Note that when Local Transformations is turned on, Auto Adjust Distance is automatically enabled, whatever the setting of the Auto Adjust Distance switch. Remember that Local is turned on by default.

Standard Perspective

With the Auto Adjust Distance switch turned off, as well as Local turned off, the camera will pass through the model, allowing the interior to be viewed. Also the same degree of perspective distortion will be maintained whatever the scale of the model.