Mask Region

Mask Region

Automatically fill a mask outline

The new Mask Region feature allows you to quickly draw a mask outline and ZBrush will automatically fill the mask at the press of a button. Complex masks can be created and by using the Analyze and Fill option you will have complete control over your masks.


How Mask Region Works

On the left, mask outlines drawn; on the right, after pressing Auto Region.

  1. Draw out a mask outline using the Mask Pen.
  2. For automatic fill, press the Auto Region button.

Complex masks can be drawn and filled.

  1. To specify the portions of a mask outline, first press Analyze Region.
  2. Mark the parts you want filled with a mask dot.
  3. Press the Fill Region button.

On the left, an alpha mask applied, Analyze Region pressed and parts marked; on the right, after the Fill Region button is pressed.


Mask Region Functions

Mask Region section in the Tool>Masking menu

Auto Region

The Auto Region button will automatically fill the mask outline. Complex masks can be created with outlines within outlines.

Analyze Region

For full control of which outlines are filled the Analyze Region button must be pressed before marking the areas you wish to fill.

Fill Region

After pressing the Analyze Region button, mark those areas you want filled with a mask blob. Pressing the Fill Region button will then fill only those areas.