Fade Opacity

Fade Opacity

Adjust the strength of color displayed on the model by use of the Fade Opacity slider.

Whether you have PolyPaint applied to a surface or UVs with a texture map, you can change the visibility of those colors by use of the Fade Opacity slider.

This slider offers the ability to adjust color opacity to focus on the sculptural aspects of the model.

Fade opacity in action

1. This example shows a model with polypaint, where Render >> Fade Opacity is set to 0.


2. Click Render >> Fade Opacity >> Set to 50% fade


Fade opacity Functions

Fade Opacity Slider

Adjust color visibility on the model from 0 – 100%

Fade Color

Sets the color that you wish the colors model colors to fade into.


The Fade Color selector operates independently from the Primary and Secondary colors in the Color Palette.