Dynamic Subdivision HotKeys

Dynamic Subdivision and Classic Subdivision share some common hotkeys. These can be a huge time saver when disabling and enabling Subdivisions. Remember that ZBrush Hotkeys can also be customized to your liking.

By default, ZBrush uses “D” and “Shift+D” for these hotkeys.

When working with Classic Subdivision, these hotkeys will navigate up and down between any existing subdivision levels.

With the Dynamic Subdivision (and only when the model has Dynamic Subdivision with no Classic Subdivision levels) the same hotkeys are used to enable or disable the display mode. They becomes a simple on/off toggle.

If Classic Subdivision is used in addition to Dynamic Subdivision, the hotkeys stop toggling Dynamic Subdivision and instead revert to navigating between the Classic Sub­division levels.

There are no default hotkeys for the three separate Dynamic Subdivision modes. You must navigate to those sliders, although you can certainly assign hotkeys of your choice if you prefer.