Unified Skin

The Unified Skin function can create smooth polygroups with edge looping around designated parts of your mesh. The features and settings will improve the result of your ZSketch models. With the new Polish and Border features you can sketch out anything imaginable and have a smooth polygrouped mesh after.

  • To generate a Unified Skin for ZSpheres: while in ZSpheres mode, Press A to generate an adaptive preview. Then press “Subtool:ReMesh all” to have a new Unified skin added as a subtool.
  • You can use the “Subtool:ReMesh all” to generate unified skin for any combination of ZSpheres, PolyMesh3D and parametric subtools objects.
  • After generating a unified skin from ZSpheres, you can select the new subtool and click “Project All” to project the ZSpheres volume to the new unified skin.