Curve Actions

Listed here are Actions that affect curves which have been created on a model. The ZModeler brush is context sensitive: hovering over a curve and either pressing the space bar or right-clicking will bring up the ZModeler Curve menu.

Curve Actions are of course only available when a curve or set of curves has been generated on a model. Curves can be created using point, edge, and/or polygon actions.

For descriptions of the Targets see the Curve Targets page.



The Bevel Action creates beveled topology on the edges corresponding to the se­lected Curves. The distance dragged while clicking defines the radius of the bevel.


  • Single, Two, Four, Eight Row(s): Define the number of edges inserted in the bevel topology.
  • Linear, Sharp, Soft Edge: Define the shape of the bevel when Dynamic Sub­division is applied to the model. Not only is the visible roundness of the bevel affected but also the distance between the edges, allowing for the bevel to look correct when using Dynamic Subdivision.



The Delete Action suppresses the Target curve(s).