Point Targets

Below is a list of Targets which are specifically available to Actions that affect the points of your model.


By Brush Radius

The By Brush Radius Target simply uses the Draw Size setting to define the influ­ence area of the Action. As an example, selecting this Target with the Point Move Action will generate an effect similar to that of the Move brush.


The Point (or Points) Target looks at the edges of your model and zeroes in on their endpoints. The Action applied to this Target will affect only the clicked point.


Some Actions depend upon the edges connected to this point, which means that if you chose the Extrude Action with Point Target, the exact position of your cursor will determine which of the polygons attached to this point will be extruded.


Two Points

The Two Points Target is specific to an Action that needs two points to be performed, such as Stitch which will move and weld the two clicked points.
The Two Points Target is done in two steps; clicking a first point, followed by a sec­ond point. With each click, the ZModeler brush widget will instruct you to ‘Click 1st point’ or ‘Click 2nd point.’


You can change your point of view while selecting the two points. This Target only evaluates clicks on points and ignores all others, such as to rotate the model.


Infinite Depth

The Infinite Depth Target automatically selects all points in line with your click, no matter how deep they might be relative to the camera. Only the vertices that are perfectly aligned will received the Action.

In less technical words, all the points that are visually overlapped by the clicked one will be manipulated by the Action. This is very convenient when working in orthographic views with models composed of simple extruded elements where you need to move all the aligned points. With this Target you will have the freedom to refine your shape without resorting to TransPose and/or masks.

The infinite Depth Target only affects points that are perfectly aligned or almost per­fectly aligned.


Infinite X, Y or Z

The Infinite X, Y or Z Target is automatically selecting the points which are aligned with the cursor and located on the working plane of the selected axis (X, Y, or Z).
The infinite X, Y, or Z Target is only affecting the points that are perfectly aligned or almost perfectly aligned.


Infinite XYZ

The Infinite XYZ Target is similar to the Infinite X, Y or Z Action except that it auto­matically selects the working plane that is closest to the current camera point of view. Once the plane is determined, the Target then automatically selects the points on that plane that are aligned with the cursor.

The infinite XYZ Target only affects points which are perfectly aligned or almost perfectly aligned.



The Ring Target selects the surrounding points which are connected to the clicked point by edges.