Main Functions

Main Boolean Functions

The creation of a Boolean operation is split in two parts, the Live Boolean mode and the final result. Find below the list of functions used for these two parts.


Live Boolean

Render >> Render Booleans >> Live Boolean enables the real-time preview of the Boolean operations between all the visible SubTools.
It will analyze the Boolean operators – Addition, Subtraction, and Intersection – and will display the corresponding result.
This mode is only a preview and can be rendered, but not exported. To generate the final model, you need to use the Make Boolean Mesh function.


Make Boolean Mesh

The Tool >> SubTools >> Boolean >> Make Boolean Mesh will perform the actual Boolean operation on the visible SubTools, creating a new Tool in your Tool palette which can then be exported or used in other ways.
This operation can take from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the number of SubTools and the density of your models.


DSDiv – Dynamic Subdivision

The Tool >> SubTools >> Boolean >> DSDiv mode will convert the Dynamic Subdivi­sion applied to the SubTools to real geometry during the Boolean process.


Note: Please reduce the number of your Dynamic Subdivision levels (especially the QGrid mode) if you don’t need high details on the surfaces.