Bevel Brushes

Bevel Brushes

Brush-based Beveling!

Bevel brush example
The Bevel brushes can be used to quickly create hard surface shapes

Sculpt flat and rounded bevels along an edge in real time with the new BevelFlat and BevelArc Brushes. The brushes work with the Backtrack feature and DrawSize to determine the width and the appearance of the bevel.

Using the Bevel Brushes

The two new Bevel brushes are in the Brush palette. Press ‘B’ followed by ‘B’ on the keyboard to show them and choose which you want to work with.

Bevel brushes example

To define where you want the bevel to be, click and drag on the mesh. Where you start and end the stroke tells ZBrush where you want the bevel to start and finish. At the end of the stroke don’t lift the mouse/pen button but move backwards towards where you started. This backtrack movement creates the bevel. You can move from side to side to extend the bevel.

Expert Tip!

Note: use a large brush size to quickly create a bevel along an edge.


Bevel brushes example

For the BevelArc brush, the bevel profile is set using the Brush palette Modifiers>>Brush Modifier slider. The larger the setting, the greater the radius of the chamfer, so that a setting of 100 will produce a broad curve, whereas a setting of 10 will give a tight curve. The default setting is 50.


Bevel brushes example

For the BevelFlat brush, the default setting of the Brush palette Modifiers>>Brush Modifier slider is -100 and cannot be adjusted. The angle of the bevel, as well as its size, is determined by the start and end points of the stroke.