Groom brushes

To complement the FiberMesh feature, there is a series of Groom brushes. These brushes are dedicated to the sculpting of FiberMesh objects. These brushes are derived from traditional sculpting brushes and have their behavior optimized to avoid unexpected results when working with Fibers.

Groom brushes

Below is a list of some new Groom brushes but ZBrush includes many more of them.
Note about the Groom Brushes: Some brushes such as Groom Spike work best by using a large Draw size brush and first accumulating fiber within the brush before moving it in the desired direction. This allows you to more readily groom the fibers in the desired direction.

Groom Hairtoss

A standard grooming brush that is Mmost useful when sculpting fibersfor moving long hair with a smooth sweeping. This brush is taking advantage of the new Brush>Modifiers>Strength Multiplier which is multiplying the brush strength by what is set in this slider. especially long fibers to create hair. The length of the fiber is preserved when using this brush.



Groomer Strong

Similar to the Groomer brush, but with a stronger effect on the fibersA standard groom brush with no forward or inverse propagation. This brush will influence most of the fiber to be implemented with only the root to be protected.



Groom Blower

Simulates a hair dryer on the fibers by separating the fibers as if they were being blown around by wind.



Groom Clumps

This brush will clump the tips of the fibers together or cause the tips to flare out, depending on the brush modifiers.


Groom Turbulence

Deforms the fibers to have a slight turmoil. This is great to put a little of bit mess to hair.



Groom Fast Lengthen

Deforms and moves your fibers in the direction of your stroke. This brush also changes the length of your fibers without increasing the number of segments.Similar to Groom Lengthen, but produces less accurate deformation. . Use this for “quick and dirty” shaping.



Groom Root Colorize

This brush will only Polypaint the roots of the selected fibers.




Deforms the tip of fibers to assimilate together.




Rotates the fibers around the brush, exactly like twisting a lock of hair.



Groom Twist Slow

Similar to the Groomer Twist brush except that it operates more slowly. It is best with low speed strokes.

Groom Hair Ball

Creates a ball-like clump at the tips of the fibers.



Groom Hair Ball Strong

Similar to the Groom Hair Ball, but with a stronger effect.

Groom Spike

Squeezes the majority of the affected fibers’ lengths together to create spikes.

Groom Spin Knot

Similar to Groom Spike except that the Twist settings in the Brush palette are set to a low rate to create a smoother effect. Great for creating sweeps in the fibers.



Groom Spin Knot Strong

Similar to the Groom Spin Knot brush, but with a stronger effect.