Tool > Polymesh > Preview sub-palette

Tool > Polymesh > Preview sub-palette

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The Object Preview window displays the current 3D tool, and how it will be drawn when applying it to the canvas. Also displayed is the clipping plane, showing how deeply the object will be embedded into the canvas or surface upon which it is drawn.

Click and drag to change the orientation of the tool; drag the tiny crosshairs to change the object’s center. Hold the SHIFT key while dragging to snap its orientation to the nearest 45-degree angle. To hide or show the clipping plane, click the ‘+’ button in the upper-right corner. To freely spin the object preview, click the arrow button, and change the speed of spinning by clicking and dragging in the window.


The Store button saves the current 3D tool’s orientation, which is determined by clicking and dragging within the Object Preview window.


The Restore button recalls the most-recently-stored orientation for this 3D tool. If you click and drag within the Object Preview window, the tool’s orientation is changed, so you can use the Restore button to undo these changes.

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