Lazy Mouse

Stroke > Lazy Mouse sub-section

Stroke > Lazy Mouse sub-section


When LazyMouse is on, drawing will take place not under the mouse cursor, but under a brush point that is being ‘dragged behind’ the mouse cursor by a virtual string (shown onscreen as a red line.) This allows for very precise control of the brush point, and is ideal for drawing smooth, predictable curves, or any sort of detail work.


Steps Relative To Brush Size. When the Relative button is on the LazyMouse stepping will be set by the brush size.


Allows lazy mousing to be applied in discrete steps. As you pull the brush around, the brush effect will be applied at intervals determined by LazyStep.


LazySmooth makes the lazy mouse effect stronger or weaker.


When the LazyMouse feature is on, LazyRadius sets the length of the ‘string’ connecting the mouse cursor to the drawing point. The longer the string, the more precise the stroke, but the further you’ll have to move your hand to make it.


Backtrack mode. The Backtrack button will activate the lazy mouse features below. When Backtrack is on your stroke will be defined by the four settings Plane, Line, Spline and Path. When using Backtrack the stroke will be applied on the return to the starting point that was on mouse/pen down.


SnapToTrack mode. The Snap To Track button will keep the stroke along the set line. If mouse/pen are moved up or down the stroke will not leave the line of orginal drawn stroke.


Plane Backtrack mode. The Plane button will apply a virtual plane along the surface when on. Any part of the surface that is intersecting with this plane will be flattened to the plane level.


Line Backtrack mode. The Line button draws a straight line, from the first mouse/tablet button click to the button release. Hold the SHIFT key while dragging to constrain the line to the nearest 45-degree angle.


Spline Backtrack mode. The Spline button draws a line that sets the surface average to apply a smooth curve from the first point on mouse/pen down and end point. This will bevel two surface plains. The degree of the smooth curve will be set by the Track Curvature. If the Track Curvature is set to 1 then there will be a sharper edge kept between the two defined surface areas.


The Path button draws a line that sets a path that the stroke will follow. Without Snap To Track on the Path Backtrack will act the same as Line Backtrack.

Track Curvature

The Track Curvature will adjust the curve of the line being drawn. It will have different effect with each option. For the Spline Backtrack it will set the transition between the two set points of the line that was drawn.