Curve Modifiers

Stroke > Curve Modifiers sub-section

Stroke > Curve Modifiers sub-section


The Intensity mode enables the usage of variable intensity when the brush stroke is applied to the curve. To create a constant stroke along the curve’s length, disable this setting. When the Intensity mode switch is disabled a consistent intensity will be applied along the entire curve. Intensity is enabled by default.


The Size Mode enables the variation of the size (elevation) of the brush along the curve. The variation will be applied from the starting point to the ending point of the curve. To see the effect of Size mode, it is recommended to experiment with the InsertCylinder brush and various Curve Falloff settings combined with Size mode:

  • By default, when Size mode is off the cylinder is inserted along the curve with a constant size.
  • When Size mode is on with its default settings, the cylinder is at its full size at the origin of the curve and at 0% of its size at the end point.
  • Change the curve falloff to the opposite shape (from top left to bottom right) and the Cylinder will be at its full size at the end point and 0% of its size at the beginning.
  • Now edit the curve in different ways to see the results you can come up with.

Remember you can apply these settings to a traditional sculpting brush for similar effects.

Curve Falloff

This curve setting can be used to modulate two modes: Bend mode and Size mode.

  • When used with Bend mode, it will let you define smoothness or pinching of the curve. See the Bend Mode section above for more information.
  • When used with Size mode, it will let you define the shape of the deformation when the brush is applied along the Curve. Top to bottom within the box defines strength as values from 100% at the top to 0% at the bottom. Left to right defines the position along the curve from its origin at the left to its termination at the right. See the Size Mode section above for more information.

CurveEdit Radius

The Curve Edit Radius determines the size of the cursor for editing curves. (The actual number of points that fall under the cursor will depend on the density of the curve, as determined by the Draw Size when the curve was drawn.) While the cursor is over the curve it will displayed Blue and the hotkey ‘S’ Draw Size adjustment will adjust the Curve Edit Radius.

CurveEdit FocalShift

The Curve Edit Focal Shift determines the fall-off for curve edit actions, proportional to the CurveEdit Radius. A lower or negative value will mean that the actions are applied at low fall-off, giving smoother curves. A higher value will give sharper curves.

Curve Snap Distance

The Curve Snap Distance slider controls the radius at which your cursor will jump to the nearest curve point. Increasing this value will increase the detection distance, making the snap feature more sensitive. This feature can be especially useful when using the Topology brush or when extending a curve.

Curve Projection Range

The Curve Projection Range will control how much a curve will follow the underlying surface. A higher value will snap the curve closer to the surface detail.