LightCap Adjustment

The LightCap Adjustment sub-palette includes several functions, which will globally alter or transform the current LightCap in opposition to the LightCap settings, which will only affect the selected light.


Light > LightCap Adjustment sub-palette

Light > LightCap Adjustment sub-palette


The Exposure slider allows you to apply a multiplier on all the light intensities of the LighCap. This is very similar to the Exposure in photography.


The Gamma sliders allows you to change the Gamma of the LightCap, which affects the contrast of the light color.


The Hue slider allows you to change the global hue of the LightCap, which can let you alter its global color tint.


The Saturation slider allows you to change the color quantity of your LightCap. A low saturation will make the color lean more to the grayscale while a high value will increase the color saturation of the LightCap


The intensity slider allows you to increase or decrease the color intensity globally. The effect is linear, affecting the whole LightCap equally; for an exponential effect use Exposure.

Retain Highlight

The Retain Highlight slider allows you to decide which part of the specular highlight you want to make visible or not.

Use Material Curves

By enabling the Use Material Curve mode, you can use the Standard Material shaders Diffuse and Specular curve to modulate the diffuse and specular information.


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