The Light palette provides up to 8 lights, as well as modifiers for customizing them. Select lights, and turn them on or off, by clicking on them. The current lighting setup, containing all 8 lights, can be saved to a single disk file. Similarly, all 8 lights can be replaced by loading a file from disk.

Note: MatCap materials do not respond to changes in the Light palette. MatCap materials have the light baked into them.

Light palette

Light palette


The Load Lights button loads a previously-saved configuration defining up to 8 lights. All lights in this palette are replaced by the loaded configuration.


The Save Lights button saves all 8 lights and their modifiers to a file, whether activated or not.

Light Position window

Use the Light Position window to adjust the position and direction of the selected light. Click and drag the light dot to position.

Light icons

Press any of the Light icons to select them; press them again to turn them on or off. While selected, the light’s type, placement and attributes can be modified. Certain attributes, such as shadows, are not accurately displayed unless viewed in Best Render mode.

Light color

The Light Color swatch displays the color of the selected light. Non-white colors appear when the canvas is rendered in Best Render mode. You can change this color to the current Color Palette setting by clicking this swatch once. You can also click this swatch and drag to another point on the canvas or interface to select the color at that point.


The Light Intensity slider determines the brightness/dimness of the selected light.


The Global Ambient Intensity slider determines the overall lightness of the document canvas, in addition to lighting effects caused by defined light sources. Materials can be defined with their own ambient intensities which are independent of this light setting.


Global Lights and Environment Distance.


Light palette sub-palettes


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