Point Actions

Point Split

31. This incredibly useful feature gives you the ability to split a point into a circular edge ring. See how to apply this further with options to smooth.

Point Do Nothing

32. This option will allow you to restrict point modifications, while applying poly actions to a model in areas that may be difficult with the point mode enabled.

Point Bridge

33. Select points on your model to bridge new edges, try it by connecting Two Points or as a Ring Target for new unique shapes.

Point Crease

34. Generate new edges based on points that are clicked, this can create a crease effect when used with Dynamic Subdivision.

Point Delete

35. With ease, delete unwanted points with this Action.

Point Extrude

36. Depending on which point and which polygon is highlighted, Extrude geometry with precision and ease.

Point Make Curve

37. Easily create or delete curves point by point, use the curve with other Actions or Brushes to further progress your model.

Point Mask

38. Click points to apply a mask, this prevents that point or multiple points from being manipulated.

Point Move

39. Discover many different ways to move points with this Action, switching Targets and adjusting Draw Size can be a big help to progress your model.

Point QMesh

40. Not to be confused with the Point Extrude Action, this acts in the same way but fuses the geometry when two points meet. Watch the Poly QMesh video for more QMesh examples.

Point Slide

41. Try using this Action for cleaner topology or reordering of geometry if need be.

Point Stitch

42. Edit or fix your model’s geometry by stitching points together, try different Modifiers for desired results.

Point Transpose

43. Start the Transpose Action by clicking a point, use familiar Transpose functions on a single point, return to Draw mode to continue ZModeler functions.