Edge Actions

Edge Insert

44. Learn how to add, remove, and manipulate edges with the ZModeler Brush.

Edge Close

45. Besides automatically closing a hole, this feature gives you modifers to apply various types of generated geometry to close a hole, and powerful extruding options from the newly created closed surface.

Edge Collapse

46. Using the edge collapse feature, you can clean up poly areas on your model, or generate large polygons or triangles for modeling.

Edge Do Nothing

47. This option will allow you to restrict edge modifications, while applying poly actions to a model in areas that may be difficult with the edge action activated.

Edge Add to Curve

48. Using this feature will allow you to choose specific edges to add bevels, ZRemesher guides, and Insert Mesh Curve brushes.

Edge Delete

49. Remove single edges, partial edge loops, and complete edge loops.

Edge Align

50. This Action will allow you to manipulate edges for desired shapes and effects with your model.

Edge Bevel

51. Easily create customizable bevels for clean edges, unique shapes, and other limitless ideas with this Action.

Edge Crease

52. Learn the multiple functions of the Crease Action and how it works with Dynamic Subdivision.

Edge Extrude

53. Discover different ways to extrude geometry based on edges of your model.

Edge Inset

54. Generate new polygons with the Inset Action, creating interesting designs and to help progress your model.

Edge Mask

55. Manipulate edges of your model using the Mask Action, demonstrated with Transpose, but can be used with many other tools in ZBrush.

Edge Move

56. Learn the basic functions of the Edge Move Action for easy manipulation of a model’s edges.

Edge Move Auto Radius

57. Discover the EdgeLoop Complete & EdgeLoop Partial Actions for easy manipulation of edgeloops.

Edge Move Brush Radius

58. This Action will allow you to move model edges based on Target settings, see how it works with different draw sizes.

Edge Move Infinite Radius

59. Edit whole edgeloops, see how they work with different Targets, lastly hold down Alt or Shift for more functions.

Edge Polygroup

60. Create custom Polygroups based on PolyLoops, define them more with the Overwrite or Additive modifiers.

Edge Scale

61. Try this Action for manipulation of your model’s edges for new shapes or more organized geometry.

Edge Slide

62. With this edge action, it is easy to slide edges in various methods to create interesting shapes for modeling.

Edge Spin

63. The edge spin action will allow you to spin an edge to snap to different directions to fit your needs.

Edge Split

64. This feature makes it easy to split an edge by adding a vertex point along that edge, allowing for greater control with edge flow.

Edge Stitch

65. This feature gives you the ability to stitch holes based on edge selection, and change topology as needed.

Edge Swivel

66. Use this action easily swivel a single edge or multiple edges to create interesting shapes for modeling.

Edge Transpose

67. This feature is extremely useful to isolate an edge with a mask, while enabling the transpose line make easy adjustments to your mesh.

Edge Unweld

68. Discover the technique of the Unweld Action, disconnect edges of your model for future edits, lastly see how it works with Dynamic Subdivision.

Edge QMesh

69. Not to be confused with the Edge Extrude Action, this acts in the same way but fuses the geometry when two edges meet. Watch the Poly QMesh video for more QMesh examples.

Edge Bridge

70. Close holes on your model by clicking two edges, or change your Target setting to create tube-like shapes between holes.