Learning ZBrush

Where to find learning resources and get help

To help you learn ZBrush in greater depth, mastering its different possibilities and all the potential creativity it can bring you, we have compiled the following list different entry points to guide you in your journey toward becoming a complete ZBrush artist!

    • Pixologic.com, our company website, includes the latest downloads for Materials/MatCaps, Alphas, Textures, Plugins and more. You will also find your free training center: the ZClassroom, as well as Pixologic products, descriptions, artist interviews, turntables and other goodies. ZClassroon videos include:
        • Getting Started
        • Digital Sculpting
        • Texturing
        • Rendering and Posing
        • ZModeler
        • Plugins
    • ZBrushCentral.com is our community forum, with more than 200,000 members (and growing!), from hobbyists to professional artists in the VFX and video game industries. Ask for help, post your Works-In-Progress or final renders or models and help others by becoming a part of this community. All Pixologic’s minor and major announcements are made first at ZBrushCentral!
    • The Support Center is the place for asking for official support, mainly for installation, licensing, account and similar issues. Even if you don’t need help, register at the Support Center to automatically receive the latest news and future announcements of updates or new products. For any help regarding ZBrush usage, please post your question at ZBrushCentral.com.
    • The ZBlog with the latest news surrounding ZBrush, from new downloadable resources to announcements of upcoming user group meetings.
    • The 3rd Party Training webpage of Pixologic.com, which lists all authorized training DVDs and Books about ZBrush.
    • Many schools and colleges across the world offer ZBrush courses. Check out the ZBrush in Schools page of Pixologic.com to find training near you.
    • YouTube and similar have tons of ZBrush videos, from artist’s timelapses to free tutorials.
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