Pixologic ID


In order to even download ZBrush, you must have a Pixologic ID. This is a unique account that links together the Pixologic Store, Support and ZClassroom, as well as activating your licenses for ZBrush and some of its plugins.

The Pixologic ID system is not currently used for ZBrushCentral. Having a ZBC login is not the same as having a Pixlogic ID.


It is not possible to download ZBrush 2018 or activate it without a Pixologic ID.

Because the Pixologic ID system is relatively new, many existing ZBrush users will not already have a Pixologic ID and will need to create one before upgrading. If you are just now purchasing ZBrush (either through our online store or through an autho­rized retailer) the Pixologic ID will be created as part of getting your ZBrush license.

    • If you have used the My Licenses system, you already have a Pixologic ID and can skip to the next section of this docu­mentation.
    • If you have not used the My Licenses system, you will most likely need to create a Pixologic ID before you can continue.
    • If you are unsure, go through the Registration process (being sure to use the same email address that any existing licenses are under). It will either create your Pixologic ID – at which point all systems will sync up – or it will tell you that an account already exists and give you the option to reset your password.

To create your Pixologic ID, click this link. The form shown below may pre-fill with information from your browser. Double check that everything is valid and fill in any additional required information.


Be especially careful to double check your email address! Many of the issues that our Support team encounter are caused by a simple typo when entering the email address. An error here will prevent anything else from working until it is resolved.

Pixologic ID registration screen