3Dmodels saved as images that anyone can view & share

Introducing a new way to save and share your models! The iMage3D GIF and iMage3D PNG formats allow you to share your actual models within *.GIF and *.PNG images. Want to share your work on Social Media? Simply save your model as an iMage3D GIF or iMage3D PNG and create the post! When saved the file will be stored in a standard *.GIF or *.PNG format showing you a thumbnail of the mesh along with the 3D information built in.

These formats are also found in ZBrushCoreMini. A file saved from ZBrushCoreMini can be opened in ZBrush but one created in ZBrush cannot be opened by ZBrushCoreMini. This is because ZBrushCoreMini does not support (among other things) SubTools or high polygon counts.

With ZBrush, this model will include all SubTools.

iMage3D example
An example of an iMage3D GIF file

Loading and Saving iMage3D files

Simply use the File >> Save As or Tool >> Save As buttons to save your work as an iMage3D file.

To load a file, use either the File >> Open or Tool >> Load Tool buttons.


Important Notes:

Although the file formats are the same, you will need to tell your viewers whether the included model is a Project or a Tool. This is because models saved as iMage3D using Tool >> Save As can only be opened in ZBrush using Tool >> Load Tool. Similarly, iMage3D files created using File >> Save As can only be opened using File >> Open.

Although the file size is optimized by ZBrush when creating an iMage3D, remember that the image does contain the data for the full 3D model. This means that high polygon meshes will produce a correspondingly large file. If you want to share your models on social media, keep the file sizes small!
GIF and PNG files use different methods to append the 3D data to the 2D image. GIF creates a thin data stream which seems to sparkle at the bottom of the model’s picture. PNG surrounds the picture with a wide frame of what appears to be digital noise. Generally, the GIF will be more aesthetically pleasing when shared on a website or elsewhere.