Axis Rotation

Pick Your Rotation

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Axis Rotation is action – ZBrush artist: Sakaki Kaoru

Lock your model to one rotational axis to give you that real world feeling of working on a sculpture stand, just like the clay masters did. You can also use the Axis Rotation option to specify a degree of rotation for your model during a presentation meeting, or to limit your viewing area of interest to just one portion of the model.


Axis Rotation Functions

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The Axis Rotation Functions are in the Transform >> Axis Rotation sub-palette.

To select the desired axis, press the Transform >> Rot XYZ, Rot X, Rot Y or Rot Z buttons. These buttons (except Rot X) are also found at the right of the standard UI. For Rot XYZ, rotation will be relative to the screen viewing plane.

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The Rotation buttons in the Transform palette

It is recommended to assign hotkeys to the <> buttons, such as “J” and “K.” Do not use Shift, Ctrl or Alt combinations for this as they will not work properly.


Rotate the model backwards around the selected axis by the amount set in the Increment slider.


Rotate the model forwards around the selected axis by the amount set in the Increment slider.


Sets the number of degrees in which the model rotates with each button press.

Use Local

Turn on to rotate around the most recently edited point on the model. With this option off, rotation will be around the mesh’s central axis.

Use Pen

Turn on to use pen or mouse movement. This option can only be used with hotkeys assigned to the <> buttons. Hold down a hotkey and move the pen or mouse from side to side to rotate the model around the selected axis. Either hotkey will work as forward/backward rotation is controlled by which direction the pen or mouse is moved.


Note: When using this option, the Transform >> Local Transform and Preferences >> Edit >> Allow Click To Solo buttons are temporarily switched off. They will be restored after clicking the pen/mouse when the rotation is finished.