Masking sub-palette

Masking sub-palette


The Tool > Masking sub-palette provides options for masking a 3D object. Masking modifies all sculpting or painting actions, whether applied directly or adjusted in the Deformation sub-palette.
Masks can be applied in two ways:

  • Paint them directly on an object by holding the CTRL key and paint the mask. While holding Ctrl different masking brushes can be selected.
  • Project the selected Alpha onto the object by holding the CTRL key and dragging over the top of the object. (Hold Ctrl to select the Alpha you want.)


View Mask

Turning on the View Mask switch will show the masking for the selected SubTool.

Masking shields areas of a 3D object from deforming or sculpting. The object’s mask is displayed as a darker region on the object’s surface; the degree of darkness of the region reflects the intensity of the mask.

In addition to the options in this sub-palette, masks can be painted directly onto an object in Edit mode (with Draw Pointer selected) by holding the Ctrl key and painting on its surface.

Also, while holding the Ctrl key, you can apply the current Alpha as a mask by clicking and dragging from outside the object.


The Inverse button will invert the object’s mask so that dark (masked) areas become light (unmasked) and vice-versa.


The Clear button will remove all masking from the object, so that all parts can be deformed or sculpted.


The MaskAll button will mask the whole object. If part of the object is hidden, the visible part only will be masked. Areas can be unmasked by holding the Ctrl+Alt key and painting.


Pressing the BlurMask button will blur the edges of the current mask. Additional presses will result in more blurring. This is particularly useful when masking an area that will be sculpted to blend smoothly into the surrounding area, as you can quickly draw a mask and then blur it to the desired degree.


SharpenMask will sharpen the edges of the current mask. This is the inverse of the BlurMask operation, though blurring and sharpening a mask will not normally give you exactly the original mask – use undo for that.


The GrowMask button will add a blurred mask around the existing mask outline, extending it. Any part that is already fully masked will remain fully masked.


The ShrinkMask button will soften the mask at its edges, reducing the masked area. Those parts of the object that are completely unmasked will not be affected.