Timing Info

Show/Hide Timing Info Window

View Tablet Pressure

If a tablet is being used this slider will show the current pressure.

View Keyboard Status

This slider will give the numerical ID for the most recently pressed key on the keyboard. Modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) have their values added to the selected key.

View Mouse H Position

The current Mouse/Pen Horizontal Position. Zero is the left edge of the ZBrush window.

View Mouse V Position

The current Mouse/Pen Vertical Position. Zero is the top edge of the ZBrush window.

View Window Id

The slider gives the numerical ID for the interface item under the cursor. For example, if the cursor is over the canvas then the value will be 1004.

Temp Values 1 – 4

The Temp Values sliders can be used by plugins to store temporary values.

Memory Stress Test

Memory Stress testing mode.

Run Memory Stress Test

Run a Memory Stress Test.