Restore Custom UI

If you have defined and SAVED a custom user interface, but then switched back to the standard interface with the Restore Standard UI button, the Restore Custom UI button restores your saved custom configuration.

Restore Standard UI

If you have customised your user interface, this button allows you to easily switch back to the standard user interface. As long as you have saved your customisations using the Store Config button, you can later go back to the custom UI with the Restore Custom UI button.

Store Config

The Store Config button saves your ZBrushCore interface preferences to a master file. These preferences are recalled each time ZBrushCore is opened.

Using the Save UI button you can save multiple configuration files and load them as needed using the Load UI button.

Load Ui

The Load UI button loads your ZBrushCore interface preferences from a saved file. These preferences include palette positions, window sizes and floating palette layouts.

Save Ui

The Save UI button saves your ZBrushCore interface preferences to a file.

The saved file can be loaded using the Load UI button. To save your preferences so that they will be recalled each time ZBrushCore starts use the Store Config button.

Enable Customize

Turn Enable Customize on to allow you to customise your user interface. Individual controls can be moved by Ctrl+Alt+dragging them. Drag to the central document area to remove an item – this does not remove it from its palette.

UI SnapShot

The UI Snapshot button creates an image of all the palettes and sub-palettes. Once created, the image will be found in the Texture palette.