Creating 3D Text & Shapes

Creating a 3D Shape Based on Text Entry or an SVG File

The process of creating a shape based on either text or a 2D vector image in SVG format is very easy!


The 3D Text and Shape Creator sub-palette.

  1. Open the ZPlugins >> 3D Text and Shape Creator sub-palette.
  2. Choose your input method:
    • To create 3D shape from text, click the “New Text” button. A popup will ap­pear. Type the text of your choice and then hit Enter to validate. The newly created 3D text will appear in the center of the canvas.
    • To create a 3D shape based on an SVG file, click the “New SVG” button. A system file selector will appear. Browse your hard drive and select the file of your choice. After loading, the logo will appear in the center of the canvas.
  3. Once your text or logo has been created, you can change its appearance set­tings. These include the font itself (with any available styles), extrusion depth, spacing, bevel, or text direction (vertical or reversed). All changes are dynamic, letting you see the results immediately.
  4. It is possible to change the inputted text or replace the logo by clicking the “Edit Text” / “Edit SVG” buttons.

The model is a PolyMesh 3D by default. This means that once you are done editing your object using the various settings, you can sculpt or otherwise edit it as you would any 3D model.

It is important to keep in mind that editing the model is possible so long as you don’t duplicate the SubTool or change its name. Also, updating a style/geometry setting will revert the model to a “clean,” freshly generated state without any edits that have been done since its original creation.