Adjust Plugin


This plugin is for adjusting your Draw Size, Focal Shift, Z Intensity and RGB Intensity without interrupting your workflow.


The Adjust plugin is automatically installed with a standard installation of ZBrush. To install Multi Map Exporter, run the installer again.

Adjusting values by moving the cursor


You will need to assign hotkeys to the buttons before they will work. Ctrl+Alt+click on a button and then press the hotkey you want to use. You can use the ‘S’, ‘O’, ‘U’ or ‘I’ keys if you wish – in which case the default assignments will be overwritten. When you have assigned hotkeys, store them by pressing Preferences>Hotkeys>Store.

Assuming you have re-assigned the default hotkeys:

  1. Press and hold the hotkey ‘S’ for Draw size.
  2. Press and hold the hotkey ‘O’ for Focal Shift.
  3. Press and hold the hotkey ‘U’ for Z Intensity.
  4. Press and hold the hotkey ‘I’ for RGB Intensity.

Move cursor sideways to adjust – no need to draw, just move cursor. While adjusting, the cursor updates in real-time and the top left NoteBar also shows the new values – useful for when the cursor is not over the model.

Release the hotkey to continue sculpting/painting.