• The main requirement for GoZ to work without problems is for Tools and SubTools to have unique names, including between all the loaded Tools. If you have two loaded Tools of different names which have SubTools which both are named “Polymesh3D_1”, when importing back your model in ZBrush after editing your Polymesh3D_1 object in the application of your choice, it may be possible that the wrong “Polymesh3D_1” SubTool is edited.
  • GoZ works only on Polymeshes. If you want to use GoZ with an Adaptive Skin preview, an Unified Skin preview, a 3D Primitive or a skeleton of ZSphere, you must convert them first to a Polymesh 3D.
  • To avoid communication issues, please use object names (in ZBrush or in the target application) without spaces or non alphanumerical characters.