Recording your session in ZBrush is as simple as pressing Movie: Record. By default, you will only record the document and your interface items will be skipped.

  • To record a movie, press Movie: Record

To record a movie of the entire Interface follow the steps below:

  1. Press Movie: Window
  2. Set the final output size by selecting Movie: Small, Movie: Medium, Movie: Large. Movie Small is 25% of your screen size. Movie Large is 100% of your screen size. Movie Medium is 50% of your screen size.
  3. To show menus, unpress Movie: Modifiers: Skip Menus.
  4. Set the frames per second for the recording by adjusting Movie: Modifiers: Recording FPS
  5. Set the frames per second for the Playback FPS by adjusting Movie: Modifiers: Playback FPS
  6. Press Movie: Record
  7. Start sculpting
  8. When you are done press Movie: Save As

Create A TimeLapse Video

Using TimeLapse can significantly reduce the length (and file size) of your movie. Time lapse causes frames to be recorded only when the mouse is doing something that affects the document or model; sculpting or painting, basically. Even actions such as rotating the model are not shown, although once the model has been rotated to its new position, a frame will be recorded to show the new orientation.

  1. Set the duration of each snapshot with Movies: Modifiers: Snapshot Time.
  2. Turn TimeLapse on. Press Movie: TimeLapse
  3. Start sculpting