ZScript window

The ZScript Window is at the bottom of the ZBrush interface. You open it by clicking or dragging the handle, or pressing the hotkey ‘H’. The ‘Play’ button for zscript recordings displays here and it is the default location for zscript buttons and sliders.

Although interfaces can be designed for the ZScript Window they have a major drawback. Only one zscript (or plugin or macro) can be active at a time, so the moment another zscript/plugin/macro is called any zscript that uses the Tutorial Window for its interface will disappear. This can become very tiresome if your zscript is one that users will need throughout a ZBrush session as it means they will have to keep reloading it. But for single-run special operations that do not require a complex interface, the Tutorial Window still offers a good option.

ZScript Window interface example

ZScript Window interface

This is an example of a ZScript Window interface. It is a music playing utility. The music playing code has been omitted for simplicity but it could be made to work using the sound playing commands.

Download the code for this example here.