Here is a quick overview of what ZRemesher offers:

  • True one-button retopology. Click the ZRemesher button without changing the settings for an automatic optimal retopology.
  • The topology generated by default by ZRemesher offers a flow of polygons that is much closer to what a human eye would reproduce.
  • ZRemesher’s speed has been tested so as to be as optimized as possible. It is able to produce low polygon models from even high polygon sources in a fraction of the time required by other retopology tools.
  • ZRemesher offers more than one option to compute symmetrical meshes, giving the user high level control.
  • ZRemesher offers considerable polygon density control that can be used to re­duce polygon counts or even increase counts if you wish. All through PolyPainting.
  • The Freeze Border option can keep the exact polygon structure openings in your mesh while performing retopology on everything else. This means that you can use ZRemesher on multi-part models where it’s important for their edges to still line up.